Exploring the Global Solidarity: ZUFIAW Explores the Role of WFTU in Empowering Trade Unions Worldwide

“The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) was formed in 1945 as a global federation of trade unions. It emerged in the aftermath of World War Two, with the objective of uniting trade unions worldwide under a single umbrella organization. This initiative was built upon the foundation laid by the International Federation of Trade Unions before the war. The formation of WFTU was a result of the World Trade Union Conference held in London, United Kingdom. Recently, a meeting took place involving members of the Zambian Union of Financi犀利士 al Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) to learn and discuss the role WFTU plays in supporting unions and federations in the world. Representing the ZUFIAW delegation were Alfred Chifota, the President of ZUFIAW, and Kasapo S. Kabende, the General Secretary.”

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