ZUFIAW Quadrennial Conference Officially Opens

The 12th Quadrennial Conference being held at Fairmount Hotel in Livingstone has officially been opened.

Minister of Labour and Socially Security Hon. Joyce Nonde-Simukoko has officially opened the congress and gave a keynote speech. The Minister expressed happiness that the Union has carried on with progressive reforms that were started during the time she served as General Secretary of the Union. She pointed at the establishment of the youth and women committees.

She urged trade unions to invest their resources in capacity building as it was important in creating a happy working force which was marred with exploitative behaviour. She also warned against union leaders against abusing workers funds; noting that unlike many others, ZUFIAW was among the few that were compliant in prudent use of resources. She said going forward, the Ministry starting in 2018 would not only accept financial statements but also subject them to forensic audits.

And speaking earlier, ZUFIAW President Mr. Ackim Mweemba said ZUFIAW was setting new trends in the labour movement in Zambia by ensuring that there was full inclusion of women and youth in union activities.

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