ZSIC Life negotiates new Collective Agreement

ZSIC Life and ZUFIAW have commenced negotiations for a new collective agreement for 2018 in Kabwe at Taskers Hotel.

According to the collective agreement, basic salaries, funeral grant, travel on leave and normal retirement formula are due for review, while other conditions of service will be negotiated in October 2018, before the expiry of the Collective agreement in December 2018.

In accordance with the Industrial and Labour Relations Act, a new collective agreement must be concluded before the expiry of the existing agreement.

ZUFIAW is represented by the following officials:-

  • Chabakola Kasukumya Lusaka Branch Chairperson
  • Nevass Banda Lusaka Branch Secretary
  • Richard Ntebetela Kitwe Branch Chairperson
  • Chisenga Kubaya Ndola Chairperson
  • Olivia M Kabwe Women’s Rep , Ndola
  • Nduwa M Chomba Women’s Rep Kitwe
  • Simms Mwape Branch Secretary, Kitwe
  • Deluxe B Mwansa Director Workers Education

This is the first bargaining unit after the restructuring of ZSIC Holding which was dissolved

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