Young Workers Strategize

ZUFIAW Lusaka Youth Representatives from 11 financial institutions in Lusaka namely ,ZSIC Life, National Savings and Credit Bank, Bank of Zambia, Local Authorities Superannuation Fund ,Atlas Mara, Public Service Public Pensions Fund, First Capital Bank, Barclays Bank, Cavmont Bank, National Pension Scheme Authority and First Alliance Bank attended a Youth Representatives Seminar at ZUFIAW Training Centre on Friday 15th June 2018

The objective of the Seminar was to discuss the issues which affect young workers in the financial sector and the community so that plans are formulated to effectively represent the interests of young workers.

Amongst some of the issues which were identified were that:

  • Young workers are not promoted to higher positions of responsibility because of alleged lack of experience despite appropriate qualifications
  • Overtime payment is denied if requested by young workers but when applicant is elderly, it is approved
  • Lack on incentives such as unpaid leave, job rotation for career progression
  • Limited choice of medical service providers
  • Intimidation especially employees who are on fixed term contracts
  • Sexual harassment by both women and men in order to earn favours such as promotion and transfers.
  • In service Training usually restricted to senior management at the exclusion of the young workers
  • Critical skills not given priority for sponsorship but demand that young workers look for own sponsorship or external scholarship.

The youth representatives prepared a plan of action which will be rolled out to all young workers in Lusaka.
At the end of the seminar, the young workers organised a braii and drinks which lasted from 17 00 hours to about 20 00 hours at the ZUFIAW Training Centre premises

  • Raphael Mubanga ZSIC Life
  • Terence Mugala NATSAVE
  • Chuulu Willard Mweene Bank of Zambia
  • Samson Phiri LASF
  • Wezzie Phiri Atlas Mara
  • Mukelebai Mwenechanya PSPF
  • Nathan Tembo First Capital Bank
  • Owen Musenge Muzi Barclays Bank
  • Bwembya Mukuka Cavmont Bank
  • Mulenga Kauseni NAPSA
  • Mary Chewe First Alliance Bank

Some of the representatives from other financial institutions did not attend the seminar for various reasons which included writing examinations. The Youth Co-ordinator Nathan Tembo promised to communicate the resolutions to all youth representatives in Lusaka.
The seminar was officially opened by the Deputy General Secretary Finance and Investments Mr Mutelo Mabenga and was closed by the Vice President Mr Kasapo. Facilitators were Mr Deluxe Mwansa, Director Workers Education and Ms Lusa Mulanda, Women’s Desk Co-ordnator.
The following seminar for Branch officials will be held this week on Thursday 21st June and Friday 22nd June 2018 at ZUFIAW Training Centre.

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