ZUFIAW Calls On Government To Institute Investigations Against Konkola Copper Mines


Lusaka — Zambia union of financial institutions and allied workers (ZUFIAW) is urging the government to urgently establish a multi-institutional investigation to be led by Zambia revenue authority to thoroughly investigate Konkola copper mines (KCM) over reports that it has been illegally exporting cobalt.

ZUFIAW is deeply concerned of continued exploitative behavior of multinational corporations especially in the extractive industry.

“Mining is Zambia’s major economic mainstay. But since the privatization of the mines, the country has not as much benefited as was hoped for. The major reason for this is because these foreign investors are only bent on exploiting our resources and even under-declaring their production figures”.

“We are therefore strongly urging government to quickly move in on KCM to investigate whether they are indeed exporting cobalt, against their license which only requires them to export copper. In fact it is only a few years ago when the executive chairman of Vedanta resources, who are the owners of KCM mocked this country for selling the mine at give-away price and boasted of making millions of dollars in profits annually. As Zambians, we should not allow ourselves to continue being taken for a ride,” says ZUFIAW General Secretary Mr. Chingati Msiska.

ZUFIAW has noted the difficult economic situation the country is facing which has necessitated austerity measures by government.

“Government has been forced to implement austerity policies because the economy is not in a good shape. But why should poor Zambians and workers be the ones to be subjected to austerity when the country is bleeding millions of dollars through activities like the ones KCM are engaged in? If the mine owners are being fraudulent, they must be disciplined and if it means asking them to leave, let it be so. Government should never be seen to be weak in the eyes of foreign investors,” says Mr. Msiska.

And the case of KCM is not difficult because its corporate affairs General Manager Mr. Eugene Chungu is quoted in the Zambia daily mail edition of September 4, 2018 has not denied that the company is not exporting cobalt.

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