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26th August 2022

The Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) has called for Justice in the case involving two Chinese nationals who are Directors at Yundar Investments Limited situated in Lusaka’s Chinika industrial area for unlawfully detaining and beating two workers at the company.

The Union General Secretary Mr. Kasapo SundreaKabende has commended the Labour Commissioner Mr. Givens Muntengwa and the Zambia Police for quickly responding to the matter and ensuring that the abused workers were rescued in time. “We are saddened to learn that the affected employees were beaten with iron rods and locked in a container placed in the warehouse for hours before they were rescued by the Labour Commissioner and the Police. If these employees had breached company policy, there are disciplinary channels which should be followed, unlike the barbaric treatment that these employees were subjected to.” He said.

“The Labour Movement in this country has been raising these issues of mistreatment for a long time now and going forward, we wish to call upon Government to intensify inspections and ensure that any investor or employer found wanting in issues of abuse and mistreatment of Zambian workers should be severely dealt with in order to deter would be offenders. We cannot have the same issues recurring after several offenders have been identified and reported to the police, this means that either the lesson is not being learnt or the punishment being minted is too lenient. Therefore, there is need to ensure that a stiffer punishment is imposed in future offence犀利士 s.Investors should respect our working environment, our labour legislation and our culture as a nation.” He stated. 

Mr. KABENDE maintained that Labour Movementsoperate on the principle of an injury to one is an injury to all, therefore, if any worker is mistreated or disadvantaged in this country, ZUFIAW will stand and advocate for justice because we are equally workers just like the affected individuals and we shall not sit back and watch our colleagues being mistreated and abused.

“ZUFIAW would like to commend Comrade. Given Katongo for speaking out and bringing this matter to light so that unscrupulous investors and employers can be dealt with accordingly and would be offenders maybe deterred from committing similar offences in future.Mr. Katongo’s courage and bravery should not be betrayed by lack of action. The relevant authorities must take this matter seriously and ensure that the offending parties are brought to book.” He Said.

Mr. KABENDE expressed disappointment with the Zambian national engaged as the Human ResourceConsultant at the company. It is unfortunate that a fellow Zambian was complicit to this offence instead of guiding the investor on the labour laws of the country. Unfortunately, this is rampant in many institutions and we call upon the Zambia Institute of Human Resources Management to guide their members and ensure that the rights of workers in this country are protected. He further pledged the Union’s commitment to working with the Ministry of Labour and other stakeholders to stop mistreatment and abuse of workersat workplaces.

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Kasapo Sundrea Kabende


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