“STOP MISLEADING THE NATION!” ZUFIAW Cautions Labour Commissioner Over Kumar Appointment.

July 29, 2019

Zufiaw General Secretary Mr. Chingati Msiska Has Cautioned The Labour Commissioner To Stop Misguiding The Nation Over The Appointment Of Mr. Nair Pradeedp Kumar As First Capital Bank Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Msiska Was Responding To The Labour Commissioner’s Statement That Mr. Kumar Was Appointed Based On His Suitability For The Job.

“It Is Disheartening To Hear The Labour Commissioner Defend The Appointment Of A Foreign Individual, To A Position That Can Be Ably Handled By A Qualified Zambian. The Country Has No Shortfall Of Qualified Personnel To Take Over The Role And Besides, Mr. Kumar’s Work Permit Indicates That He Only Has A Degree In Human Resources, Yet We Have A Lot Of Qualified Zambian Nationals That Can Take Up The Role. Mr. Kumar Does Not Have Any Further Qualifications To Suggest That He Has Special Qualifications Which Cannot Be Sourced Locally.” He Said.

“Further, We Are Taken Aback That Instead Of Thoroughly Following Up The Issue, The Labour Commissioner Has Decided To Speak In Haste Without Gathering Enough Information On The Matter. Mr. Kumar, Consistently Interferes In Human Resource Functions And There Have Been Numerous Reports Of Him Harassing Employees. A Matter Which The Commissioner Took No Interest In. Instead The Labour Commissioner Responded As Though He Works For The Bank Or The Spokesperson For The Bank. How Many Banks Have Expatriates Doing Such Jobs With A Degree In Hr. How Many Qualified Zambians Do We Have With Hr Degrees With No Jobs?  This Is An Anomaly, Given That The Work Permit He Has Is Different From The Job That He Is Currently Doing. It Is Very Unfortunate That The Labour Commissioner Who Is Supposed To Be Impartial In Labour Matter, Decided To Defend An Abnormality, Without Conducting A Thorough Investigation.” He Stated.

“As A Union, We Are On The Ground And Understand How Things Are Done. We Have Investigated The Matter Thoroughly And We Challenge The Labour Commissioner And Mr. Kumar To Produce Documentation Proving That Mr. Kumar Has Special Qualifications Which Cannot Be Sourced Locally. The Latter Has Been At The Helm Of Controlling Human Capital In The Bank, Deciding On Issues Relating To Staff Welfare And The Allocation Of Bonuses.” He Observed.

“The Commissioner Took No Interest In Reports Of Favouritism And Discrimination, Levelled Against Mr. Kumar. The Labour Commissioner Must Realize That Mr. Kumar Is On Record, In A Recent Operations Meeting, Trashing The Recent Labour Laws Passed By  Parliament And Assented To By The Republican President And Called Our Law Makers As Lazy Just Because Of The Revised Maternity Leave And Other Provisions In The Act. He States.

“We Have Nothing Against Mr. Kumar As An Individual, But We Are Not Going To Stand Aside And Watch Anomalies Go Unquestioned. We Urge The Labour Commissioner To Refer To The Employment Code Act Division 3.4, Section 60 And Section 61, Subsection 1 (A). Being Mindful Of The 1 Year Transition Period For The Act, We Are Aware That Mr. Kumar Does Not Have An Understudy In Place To Take Over From Him, As Prescribed By The Act. Besides, Mr. Kumar Does Not Have Any Other Special Qualifications, Neither Is There A Shortage Of Qualified Zambians That Can Handle The Job In Question.” He Observed.

“We Categorically Wish To State That We Shall Not Let This Issue Go On, Until Mr. Kumar And The Labour, Who Is Acting As His De Facto Spokesperson, Provide Mr. Kumar’s Technical Qualifications And Assure The Nation That There Is No Suitably Qualified Zambian Citizen To Take Up The Role.” He Said.

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