Negotiations for new conditions of service

Before commencement of negotiations, A Branch Committee is elected by unionisable employees and a bargaining team called Bargaining Unit is formed. The Bargaining unit is composed of not less than three local Branch officials and led by one person appointed by the General Secretary. The Union team delegation leader and spokesperson is preferably nominated from other employer organization.

The process of negotiating for conditions of service is concluded within three months.

Failure to reach agreement

Where the Union and management fail to reach agreement, the process of resolving the differences is done in accordance with Section 75 of the Industrial and Labour Relations Act, which requires the parties to declare a Dispute on the issues which the parties failed to reach agreement.

Appointment of Conciliators

The parties appoint a Conciliator or Board of Conciliators to reach agreement.

Failure to reach agreement.

Where Conciliation fails, either party refers the matter to Court or a strike ballot.

Strike Ballot

Where the members vote for a strike, the strike only takes place after 10 days to enable the Minister intervene or declare the strike to be or not to be in public interest.

Social Dialogue

ZUFIAW prefers to employ effective bargaining skills which ensures that bargaining process is concluded within the stipulated 3 months period. In doing so, professional negotiators are trained periodically to sharpen their bargaining skills. Beginning 2014, a bargaining conference will be held annually to review the performance of bargaining units in all institutions where ZUFIAW has Recognition Agreements.

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