Indo Zambia bank 12.5% Article Feedback

Feedback from readers (14 to 20th June 2018)
Emma Njovu Mwamba
Emma Njovu Mwamba 12.5 percent….this is great

Morgan Bweupe
Morgan Bweupe That’s a great achievement thanks to the Union bargaining team for putting a good fight I must also mention the delegation leader also need to be congratulated for good guidance.

Raymond Mulele
Raymond Mulele Congratulations INDO. In the same spirit of Give and Take, continue

Aggrey Katapila
Aggrey Katapila You can imagine at ise ka 8.5% naka 2% monthly deduction……we r not safe mwandi

Raelly Nsangu
Raelly Nsangu This is great. Viva Zufiaw Organisation-Zambia, viva indo management. There is no greater way to motivate employees other than a substantial monetary reward.

Leonard Mwikisa
Leonard Mwikisa Viva Zufiaw Viva One SG!!!!!

Sekelani Sakala
Sankananji Silwamba Mweene
Sankananji Silwamba Mweene Wow..this is great.

Lucy L Shengamo
Lucy L Shengamo Congrats indo

Kingston Mwiinga
Kingston Mwiinga Wow waiting for workcom

Ruth Song-Mununga
Ruth Song-Mununga 👏👏👏 congratulations INDO.

Malama Ignatius Chikwashi
Malama Ignatius Chikwashi Congrats leadership from both ends. Efyatemwa Lesa ifi!!!

Misheck Sinkala
Misheck Sinkala Great indo.

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