Housing Opportunity!!!

ZUFIAW and African Panorama Investment Group Sign MoU to Build Housing Units for Members (11/05/2021)

The Zambia Union of Financial institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) has signed a memorandum of Understanding with African Panorama Group to construct housing units for union members at a reduced rate. Speaking at the signing ceremony ZUFIAW General Secretary Mr. Chingati Msiska said that the Union was very happy with the project and that this project provided a good opportunity for workers for workers to own their own houses.

He noted other unions such as NUPEZ had already signed similar agreements with African Panorama Group and that this was good for workers in the country. “We are proud as a Union with members in the financial sector to ensure that they benefit from this opportunity to own land and Property. He said.

African Panorama is a company providing property development services where the company acquires land, constructs housing communities to completion, which are later sold in bulk at reduced cost to customers that have an MoU with them.

The memorandum of understanding ensures that ZUFIAW members are able to procure the houses at Union cost with flexible payment plans of upto 60 months.

Further, the Union already has an agreement for the purchase of Land in 10 miles, in Chief Mungule’s area at a lower cost and those Union members that have procured this land may enter into an agreement with African panorama for the development of their property, according to their specifications and needs.

For more details on how members can benefit from this agreement, get in touch with the Union Secretariat for guidance.

2 thoughts on “Housing Opportunity!!!

  1. Alice Tembo

    Very good initiative for the people. When I first heard about this I was a unionized employee. But currently am no longer in employment.
    Do you have other packages or projects for people like me?.
    And would you sign memorandums of understanding with Cooperatives or other groupings…in the corporate arrangement


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