High Price of Democracy

ZUFIAW National Executive Council will hold one of their final scheduled meetings tomorrow in Lusaka. The meeting will evaluate and confirm preparations made by Secretariat so far, about the Quadrennial Conference, which will be preceded by the Youth and Women’s Conferences respectively.

Under the new constitution, the number of delegates has  increased from  120 delegates to 300 translating into about three times the cost during the 2013 Conference.  What further compounds the situation is the hosting of two other conferences of women and youths, who will also be subjected to elections.

However, with the expansion of membership scope, recruitment of new members is the immediate option to counter the escalating conferencing cost. This responsibility falls on each committed member who must recruit at least five new members before the next conference.

The greater the membership,

the greater the influence,

the greater the power

the greater the conference.

The greater the fun!

Solidarity and see you in Livingstone!

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