Development and Research

The ZUFIAW Research and Development Department focuses on generation of data and information relevant to the Union’s cause for social justice and decent work for workers in the financial and allied sector. The department further identifies and manages opportunities for networking and campaigns relevant to the development and advancement of workers rights within the general trade union circles.

The department is also responsible for informing the activities and strategic development of the Union by collecting, analysing and circulating information on social, economic, cultural and political issues.

The department operates mainly on three key aims:

  1. Recognition of ZUFIAW’s bargaining responsibility to the members and other stake holders;
  2. Recruitment program development to identify and recruit new members;
  3. Developed strategies that adequately represent the needs and aspirations of members on issues that affect their working lives.

As a trade union organ, the department also works on joint projects with other agencies, dealing with common issues that affect working life and social justice.

Major Responsibilities:
The role of the department spans the whole process of identifying issues to explore, gathering information, analysis, writing reports, preparing briefings and position papers, and circulating information within and outside the union.

The above responsibilities are achieved though:

  • applying qualitative and quantitative methodologies to research projects for the union on economic, social, political and industrial issues;
  • interviewing members of the public, union workers and trade union officials;
  • networking with other unions and external organisations in Zambia and abroad;
  • keeping up to date with industry and union developments;
  • providing statistical data and other information to shop stewards for negotiations;
  • analysing official documentation and legislation (recent and historical) to assess the impact on union activities and interests;
  • working with other union staff, management and industry members to produce research information;
  • collating information and producing reports and briefings to inform and create union policy;
  • writing speeches, press releases and articles, e.g. for union journals and policy documents;
  • preparing presentations for union committees and conferences;
  • writing recruitment and publicity leaflets and assisting in developing publicity campaigns;
  • responding to internal and external research enquiries;
    organising conferences and seminars;
  • lobbying the government and advising branches;
  • working with the media and other key influencers such as the Federation of Employers.

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