Closing Remarks by ZUFIAW Vice President At the 6th ZUFIAW Sports Festival

22nd July 2018


Good Evening,

May I recognize the presence of the Guest of Hon Director General of NAPSA. Mr. Kachinda

The Commissioner Workers Compensation Dr Nkumbula and Other Employers present at this event.

Our Deputy General Secretaries and other National Leaders, District and Branch Officials.

All Secretariat Staff

The Media

May I Simply Say All Protocols Observed.


This year’s games were held under the theme “Promoting Growth In A Healthy, Modern and Productive Workplace”.

The Guest Of Hon Sir, HARD WORK is one of our key values as a union and as stakeholders we look forward to promoting a healthy and fit workforce that we drive productivity in the various institutions and overall the nation at large.

I am fully aware that institutions have in house health policies hence i want 2 implore all employers to enhance health programs that will help our members and management colleagues to remain health and productivity and allow them to show case their talent in various disciplines.  A big THANK YOU to all our management colleagues who participated in this year’s games and we look forward to this continued support. This is a clear demonstration of the partnership we share in managing the most important resource of our institutions THE MEMBERS. You will agree with me that A HEALTH WORKER EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS.


Kasapo Sundrea Kabende

ZUFIAW Vice President

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