The President Of The Union,

The General Secretary,

The Employers Present Here Today,

National Executive Council Members Here Present,

Invited Guests,

Members Of The Press,

Ladies And Gentlemen.

I Wish To Express My Deepest Appreciation For The Invitation Given To Me To Officially Close This Year’s Edition Of The ZUFIAW Sports Festival.

The Theme For This Year’s Event Was “Promoting Growth In A Healthy, Modern Productive Work Place.” As A Key Stake Holder In The Social Security Circles, NAPSA Is Interested In Seeing Zambian Workers Live A Long And Productive Life After Retirement. This Can Only Be Achieved If We Keep Our Bodies Healthy And Active During Our Years In Active Service And This Can Be Achieved Through Active Participation In Sports And Exercises.

The Breakthrough In The Scientific Evidence On Health Benefits Of Physical Activity Largely Took Place During The 1980s And 1990s. According To The World Health Organization (Who), There Is An Overwhelming Amount Of Scientific Evidence On The Positive Effects Of Sport And Physical Activity As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle. The Positive, Direct Effects Of Engaging In Regular Physical Activity Are Particularly Apparent In The Prevention Of Several Chronic Diseases, Including: Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, Obesity, Depression And Lethargy.

These Conditions Are Detrimental To The Overall National Economic Growth, Given That Employees Suffering From These Conditions Tend To Be Less Productive In Their Duties, Thus Impacting On The Company’s Overall Performance.

As Parents, We Must Also Encourage Our Children To Take Up An Active Sport Or Engage In Regular Physical Activity. Studies Have Shown That Young People Can Benefit From Physical Activity As It Contributes To Developing Healthy Bones, Efficient Heart And Lung Function As Well As Improved Mental Skills And Cognitive Function. Physical Activity Can Help To Prevent Bone Fractures Reduce The Recovery Period In Case One Is Injured. Remaining Physically Active Can Also Enhance Functional Capacity Among Older People, And Can Help To Maintain Quality Of Life And Independence.

The Rigorous Demands Of The Modern Work Environment As Well As The Integrated Multi Cultural Work Places We See Across The Globe, Usually Denies Most Workers The Opportunity To Engage In Sport And Other Physical Activity. Relaxation Nowadays, Especially Among Younger Workers, Centre On Alcohol And Fast Food. This Has Long Term Devastating Effects On The Body And One Can Help Mitigate Some Of These Effects Through Engaging In Active Sports.

May I Take This Opportunity To Challenge Those Employers That Did Not Participate In This Year’s Event, To Consider Doing So Next Year Or Introduce Wellness And Health Programs Within Their Institutions, In Order To Encourage Their Employees To Adopt More Healthier Lifestyles.

I Wish You A Fruitful And Productive Conference And May God Bless You All.

I Thank You.


Yollard Kachinda

Director General


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